Goodbye razor.
Hello laser. Smooth skin.

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Arm & Underarm Laser Hair Removal
Hello laser, goodbye Razor.
You will love your new smooth skin. Seriously. Waxing and shaving all the time is frustrating, and those unwanted hair is coming back again. Our state-of-art facility and top medical professionals will save you time and money from shaving or waxing again. Long-time experience in the laser industry will guarantee you those results.

Arm Laser Hair Removal

We are all bothered by the presence of hair on our arms, especially shaving scars or redness after shave. At Stadia, our top medical aestheticians will help to get rid of embarrassment of having unwanted hair on arms. Our treatments are pain-free, fast and results are guaranteed. In San Antonio, women proudly choose Stadia, for arm laser hair removal treatment, because we guarantee results.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted underarm hair, leaves a lot of embarrassment, when you just have that favorite sleeveless t-shirt on. That is the moment, we realize the benefits of not shaving again, again and again. At Stadia, with our underarm laser hair removal treatment, we help our patients to obtain the freedom from shaving again.
Ingrown hairs, razor burns, and cysts are all the results from repeatedly shaving underarms. Clinically proven, FDA approved laser hair removal machines, know-how and personalized approach to each patient at Stadia, is best solution for unwanted hair. Fast and pain-free treatments lets you enjoy your sexy smooth skin again.

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How Laser Hair Removal works
Laser hair removal helps with all the areas you are looking to treat. Using highly concentrated energy, all the hair follicles are being destroyed within minutes and with minimum discomfort. The laser's energy is attracted to the pigment of hair, the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing. For this reason, laser hair removal work best on those with dark, coarse hair and a fair complexion. It uses an intensely concentrated beam of light and a series of high-repetition pulses to increase the temperature of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue to ensure that the hair is destroyed at the source. The patented software-controlled pulse management method optimizes the treatment best suited to each skin type. Everyone's skin is different, which is why we will customize your treatment package during your FREE consultation to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

Our advanced hair removal technology can help you gain confidence over your skin by treating unwanted hair almost anywhere on the body, including the span legs, arms, face, bikini area, underarms, chest and back. Unwanted hair growth will be reduced to the point that other hair removal methods are rarely needed. The process requires a series of treatments, but results can be seen after just the first time, proving how effective even just the initial treatment can be. With every treatment you'll progressively see fewer and fewer hairs return. Finishing the entire series of treatments is crucial, as that ensures that you see the highest degree of permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ's
Is it painful?
Every medical facility uses different devices. Many of our patients describe their experience with laser hair removal as quick little snaps to their body. Unlike, waxing and various hair removal treatments, discomfort level is lower. Some areas of our body has pain tolerance less than the others, therefore we can always apply numbing cream, if necessary.

Will the hair grow back again?
Stadia, offers a guarantee on our laser hair removal treatments. Beauty results, is what we are known for. Thirteen years of experience and our top medical proffesionals will not let that happen.

Is it safe?
Laser hair removal is FDA cleared procedures. There is no recovery time, our patients can return to work or play immediately. Our laser devices have been updated to all the later versions in 2018.

How long Stadia has been performing laser hair treatments?
Stadia, has been established in 2006, and proud today to hold "Best Med Spa" awards five years in a row. We have performed hundred thousands of treatments, and our masterpiece is your results.

Most popular areas for hair removal?
Popular hair removal areas are; Bikini lines, Brazilian, underarms and arms, upper lip and faces, legs and other parts of the body that brings discomfort to our confidence.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to obtain home laser device?
It will be. However, to get real results smaller devices (home ones) cannot generate enough of power to deliver enough of energy to destroy the destroy/remove the hair permanently.

How old I have to be to get laser hair removal treatment?
Stadia, will not treat any children below 13 years old, and unfortunately, grey hair will not respond to laser treatments.

What is the main difference between laser and electrolysis hair removal?
Unlike electrolysis, laser hair removal works a lot faster. It removes hair many hairs at the time being applied, whereas electrolysis works with removing one hair at a time.

What if, my hair will grow back with hormone change?
Stadia, is known for it's relations with our customers, we work with you until we achieve results, and if your hair grows back due to hormone change, you can always get some extra help from us without paying again or extra.