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Liposuction In San Antonio – Body Contouring & Fat Transfer Treatments

Imagine body contouring using fully awake and comfortable liposuction by a board certified plastic    surgeon in a certified surgical facility located in an award winning luxurious medical spa…you walk out the door when you are finished.

At RENEW Center at Stadia we’re combining basic science and clinical practice, and turning these possibilities into realities.

Not only are these RENEW body contouring procedures safe, comfortable, and quick; they are extremely effective.

Here at the RENEW Center at Stadia, you have the opportunity for, Plastic Surgeon Dr.  Jaime R. Garza,  to graft cells of your own fat to permanently fill your lips, cheeks, laugh lines, buttocks and breasts.

RENEW Center at Stadia is a leader in South Texas in providing these body enhancement solutions.

For more information on RENEW Body Contouring, visit RENEW Lipo

Surgical Contouring

In addition to minimally invasive body contouring, Dr. Garza specializes in several surgical methods of sculpting your body depending on your condition and your goals including:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
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